Enough is Enough

Ypsilanti residents and voters cannot afford to pay 30% more in taxes to the City. Ypsilanti already has the highest taxes in the county and our tax burden is already 40% more than the Township.

If these new taxes pass, our tax burden will be double that in Ypsi Township by 2017.

For example: you and your friend live in similar houses both worth $200,000, she in the Township and you in the City. She pays $4,150 a year in taxes to Ypsilanti Township and you will pay over $8,400 in property taxes, income tax, and water surcharges to the City of Ypsilanti.

The township doesn’t have a 70% water surcharge tax nor a Township Income Tax and property taxes in the City will be 46% higher than the Township.

You will never be able to sell your house if someone can buy the very same house in the Township and pay less than half the taxes.

Stand up and make you voice heard. Sign up today at www.StopCityIncomeTax.com and help us defeat these new taxes on Tuesday May 8

Find out what you will pay with our Tax Calculator