How does the current City Council stack up in terms of financial responsibility?

Some say that the Water Street fiasco was caused by the bad decisions of past, not current, members of City Council. That is true, but the current City Council shares many of the same fiscal habits.

In just the past year, City Council bought a $1,200,000 pedestrian bridge, spent $600,000 for a trail (then closed it to the public), committed $2,000,000 for a train platform, and gave a developer up to $750,000 in tax breaks.

Not long ago, City Council also decided to pay city employees at above-market rates. This includes seasonal teenagers at the public pool, raising labor costs there by over $6,000 per year. While small relative to the overall budget, it illustrates the mindset at City Hall.

Worse, with just over a week before the ballot date, City Council doubled down by selecting a design for its $2 million dollar train project – not knowing where the money will come from. Will this be the next Water Street?

These are the people asking for more of our money today.