So what are the risks of a “NO” vote?

There is almost no risk in voting “NO,” even if you believe the exaggerated concerns of the pro-tax side. Taxes could always be raised, within months, if the dire predictions of the YES side somehow came true. In the meantime, it’s better to act on actual evidence, and not decide based on conjecture.

Further, there is no scenario where rejecting the Water Street Debt Millage will bring bankruptcy or an emergency financial manager – Ypsilanti is not insolvent without this tax. Water Street debt payments are less than 3% of the total budget, a manageable amount.
To the contrary, there are serious risks in voting “YES,” which could not be walked back so easily.

Voting “YES” will:

  • Reinforce unwise spending habits at City Hall.
  • Limit financial flexibility of Ypsilanti to address unseen emergencies, by maxing out the millage cap.
  • Discourage people and businesses from locating in the City of Ypsilanti.
  • Undermine affordable housing by driving up costs and discouraging investment.
  • Reduce home equity, thereby diminishing retirement savings and financing options for homeowners.
  • Increase rents, exacerbating the burden of regressive non-homestead property taxes.
  • Threaten the tax base and future sustainability, by derailing the rise in property values and tax revenue.

Remember, Ypsilanti taxes rank #7 in the state – in the top 1.5% – and have increased 22% since 2007. Any higher, and the City risks a downward spiral of business and population flight.

Please join us and vote “NO,” to keep the City of Ypsilanti vibrant, livable, and strong!