Will they really cut police and fire services?

The idea of cutting police and fire services is a cheap trick to scare people into handing over their wallets.

Similar threats were made in 2007, when the idea of a city income tax was first raised and soundly defeated. No public-safety disaster came to pass. Tax proponents tried scare tactics again in 2012, and again voters emphatically rejected a debt-millage and income-tax proposal. In recent years, the City has actually expanded both the police (8% more officers since 2013 – Source: City Report 07/21/16) and fire departments with new hires, and Ypsilanti now is safer than ever.

Of course, Ypsilanti’s City Council could cut public-safety positions to free up money for pet projects. If they do, you have the power to send them packing. Remind them. There are better ways to control costs than public-safety cuts, as described elsewhere in this FAQ.